The length and breadth of a rectangle are directly proportional. If the length increases from 6 cm to 21 cm and breadth now is 14 cm, then what was the breadth before any change in length occurred?

Length and breadth of a rectangle = Directly proportional

Length of the rectangle (L1) = 6cm

Length of the rectangle (L2) = 21cm

Breadth of the rectangle = 14cm

Let the original b

readth be = x


L1/B1 = L2/B2

Substituting the values –

= 6/x = 21/14

= 21x = 6 × 14

= 21x = 84

= x = 84/21

= x = 4

Therefore, the original breadth was 4cm

Check out the video given below to know more about the properties of a rectangle

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