The Maximum Intensity Of Fringes In Young's Experiment Is I. If One Of The Slits Is Closed, Then Intensity At That Place Becomes I0. Then Relation Between I And I0 Is

Suppose slit width’s are equal, so they produce waves of equal intensity, say I’. Resultant intensity at any point.

\( I_{R} = 4{I}’cos^{2} \o \) \( \o \) is the phase difference between the waves at the observation point.

For maximum intensity,\( \o = 0^{\circ} \) \( \Rightarrow I_{max} = 4{I}’ = I —[1] \)

If one of the slits is closed, the resultant intensity at the same point will be\( {I}’ \)only

\( {I}’ = I_{0}—[2] \)

Now, comparing both the equations – [1] and [2], we get

\( I = 4I_{0} \)

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