The speed of an object in a particular direction is called


The speed of an object in a particular direction is called velocity.


Velocity can also be defined as the rate of change of the object’s position with respect to a frame of reference and time.  Velocity in basics can be said as speeding in a specific direction.

Properties of velocity

  • It is a vector quantity
  • Since it is a vector quantity both magnitude (speed) and direction are required to define velocity
  • The SI unit of velocity is meter per second. It is denoted as ms-1
  • Other units of velocity are mph, ft/s
  • The dimension of velocity is  LT−1
  • A body is said to accelerating if there is a change in magnitude or the direction in the velocity of a body
  • Velocity is the prime indicator of the position as well as the rapidity of the object


A train going towards south with an average speed of 50 km/h will have a velocity of 50km/h, north. An object going straight in a particular direction is considered to have velocity.


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