The velocity of matter waves are__________


The velocity of the matter-wave is not constant since it depends upon the velocity of the material particle.


A matter wave is a wave associated with each moving particle. The wavelength of a matter wave is equal to

λ = hp


  • h = Planck’s constant
  • p = The moving particle’s moment

Characteristics of matter-wave

  1. Matter waves are not electromagnetic in nature
  2. Matter-wave represents the probability of finding a particle in space.
  3. Matter waves are independent of the charge of the material particle.
  4. Electron microscope works based on de-Broglie waves.
  5. Matter waves can propagate in a vacuum. Hence they are not mechanical wave.
  6. The number of de-Broglie waves associated with the nth orbital is n.
  7. The phase velocity of matter waves can be greater than the speed of light.

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