What are the characteristics of plastic?

Following are the characteristics of plastics:

  • Tensile strength: The tensile strength or the toughness of the plastics are dependent on the materials that are used in the production of the plastic. Usually, the tensile strength or the toughness of the plastics are less when compared to the alloys such as steel.
  • Lightweight: They weigh less than that of the metals which makes their transportation easy or carrying them from one place to another becomes easy.
  • Reactivity towards chemical: When plastics are compared with natural polymers such as cotton, wool, etc, plastics are not affected by the acids and alkalines.
  • Appearance: Usually plastics are transparent and can be coloured to desirable colours. Also, they can be moulded into shapes depending on their usages.
  • Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of plastics is low. That’s the reason why they meltdown when they are brought in contact with the heat.
  • Electrical conductivity: Plastics are good insulators or bad conductors of electric current. This property or characteristic of plastic makes them popular in the manufacturing of switches, bulb-holders, the outer covering of the wires, etc.

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