Types of Electrical Power

Electric power is classified into two types of electric power and they are:

  • DC power: It is defined as the product of voltage and current and is produced by the generator, battery, and fuel cell. The mathematical representation is P = V x I where P is the power in watts, V is the voltage in volts, and I is the current in amps.
  • AC power: There are three types of AC power and they are:
    • Apparent power: It is the ideal power and is represented by S. The SI unit is volt-amp. The mathematical representation is S = VrmsIrms where S is the apparent power.
    • Active power: It is the power which is dissipated in the circuit. The mathematical representation is P = VmaxImaxcosΦ where P is the real power in watts and Φ is the impedance phase angle between voltage and current.
    • Reactive power: The power which is developed in the circuit is known as reactive power and is denoted by Q and measured in volt-ampere reactive. The mathematical representation is Q = VrmsIrmssinΦ where Q is the reactive power in watts.

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