What Are The Three Laws Of Mendels?

Meiosis is the process when a cell duplicates its DNA and divides twice to produce four gametes or reproductive cells. Each of Three Laws Of Mendels can be understood by examining the process of meiosis.

The Law of Dominance

Mendel’s first law states that if one parent has two copies of allele A — the dominant allele — and the second parent has two copies of allele a– the recessive allele — then the offspring will inherit an Aa genotype and display the dominant phenotype.

The Law of Segregation

Mendel’s second law states that these two alleles will be separated from each other during meiosis.

The Law of Independent Assortment

Mendel’s third law states that the way an allele pair gets segregated into two daughter cells during the second division of meiosis has no effect on how any other allele pair get segregated.

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