What Do You Mean By Kinetic Energy?

The word kinetic means motion. When a body is in motion it possesses kinetic energy. The kinetic energy of a moving body is equal to the amount of work done to stop the moving body. In many ways, kinetic energy makes nature the world and the universe run. If kinetic energy did not exist, everything around us would be motionless and quiet.

All matter and objects both living and non-living would be unable to move. There would be no sound waves to carry noises to our ears. The entire universe would be incredibly cold because another familiar form of kinetic energy heat would be missing too.

Work done = force x displacement

W = F x d

= (ma) x (V2/2a)

= (½) mV2

The kinetic energy of the body,

K = (½) mV2

There are different forms of kinetic energy. A moving body can have three types of motion namely

  1. Translational motion
  2. Rotational motion
  3. Vibrational motion

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