What is inexhaustible energy with example

Any sources which will never run out of energy will be categorised as inexhaustible energy sources. We have a lot of of these inexhaustible sources depending on the location of harnessing. Anything close to sea coast will have plenty of wind energy as well as tidal energy which are again considered to be inexhaustible while harnessing sunlight is better at desert as well as semi desert areas where the light energy from Sun could be harnessed throughout the year Energy sources which are sustainable as well as could be maintained throughout without any depletion are considered as inexhaustible in nature. The energy sources are getting depleted hence the mankind needs inexhaustible sources even more than before. The inexhaustible sources are something which on the long run are going to provide us cheap energy as well as in abundance. Sources like sunlight as well as wind are never in short as well as the only major hurdle to these sustainable energy sources is their initial installation cost as well as space. The installation cost is very high as well as requires lot of expertise which usually becomes a bane in introducing these alternative non-polluting energy units at mass scale. The lack of knowledge as well as expertise in this field has left many not utilising a very good alternative source for their energy needs. The wind energy harnessing requires a huge area for setting up the unit as well as it is back up except as far harnessing sunlight is concerned with the help of photo voltaic cells could be achieved on terrace as well as does not require any huge space or back up installation as well .

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