What is meant by acropetal and basipetal order?

Acropetal order

Acropetal order is a term that is the modified form of racemose inflorescence. It is the arrangement of plant flowers on the plant’s pedicel in the manner in which the new flowers and new buds are at the apex, whereas the relatively older flowers are placed at the base. The formation of flowers is indefinite or unrestricted in racemose inflorescences. This is because the main axis continues to grow.

Basipetal order

It is a modified form of cymose inflorescence. Here, new flowers are placed at the bottom, and the relatively older flowers are placed at the top.  Basipetal order is clearly visible in biparous and multiparous cymose inflorescences.

  • Basipetal order is the opposite arrangement of acropetal order.
  • Both types of arrangements can be seen commonly in nature.
  • In both types, new flowers, buds and older flowers can be distinguished clearly.


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