What is motion with its types

When we see around us then many activities are there like moving car, running dog, vibrating of drums etc. All these types of activities are considered as motion in Physics. Motion is the alteration in the position of the object from its initial position to a final position with respect to time. It is explained by its physical parameters. The motion of objects can be of different types like angular motion, rotational motion, uniform or non-uniform motion, translational motion.

The motion is explained by Newtonƒ¢¢€š¬¢€ž¢s in its three laws of motions. Do you notice the motion of the pendulum or planets? Their motion comes in the examples of angular motion . It is the motion of a body with respect to fixed axis or point. Letƒ¢¢€š¬¢€ž¢s discuss about the angular motion with its examples, equations, formulation, and angular motion in different conditions.

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