What is the potential of a dry cell?

Answer: 1.5 V

A dry cell is one type of electric battery, which is generally used for the home and portable electronic devices. A battery is a device that consists of one or more electrochemical cells, which converts chemical energy into electrical energy.

Types of dry cell

  • The dry cell may be categorised as a primary cell or a secondary cell depending on its nature.
  • The term ‘primary cell’ refers to a cell that is neither reusable nor rechargeable. When all the chemical reagents have been consumed, the electrochemical reactions stop producing electricity.
  • A secondary cell, on the other hand, can be recharged using battery charges to regenerate chemical reactions.
  • A common dry cell is the zinc-carbon cell (dry Leclanché cell) has a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts, which is the same as an alkaline cell.

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