What is the use of graphs?

Graphs and charts are very useful because they are used for communicating information in visual form. These are used in all fields like in newspapers, businesses, magazines, to show the economic data, annual reports, profits and loss, even used in maths and all other branch of science like chemistry and Physics to show the variations and relation between two variables.

When some complicated information are seemed to problematic and require an illustration then graph is the best idea to represent them. It shows all points quickly and visually. This is a source which is used in coordinate system of maths and easily visualizes a function and also useful for calculations based on the functions. This is a representation of objects which are link to one another. These objects are shown on two vertices one is x and other is y-axis.

Here we are discussing about the motion graphs which are used to represent the motion of object. It can be of various types like the graph between distance and time which shows the variation in distance with time, speed and time graph, graph for projectile motion or Simple Harmonic Motion etc.

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