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Thermodynamics is simply a branch of science which deals with the change in the properties of system during any physical or chemical change. It mainly involves the change in energy from system to surrounding or vice-versa. When a system shows a change in energy then it undergoes the thermodynamic process. The change in energy is accompanied by change in some parameters like internal energy, pressure, volume, temperature There are various types of thermodynamic processes which are mostly occurring in practical cases. Each process is specific as well as unique with it is properties as well as handy for determining the change in energy as well as the amount of work which is done for changing the energy of the system; for example, isobaric process, isothermal process, adiabatic process, as well as isochoric process. It is also possible to complete more than one process at a time; for example, when there is simply a change in volume as well as pressure then there is no change in temperature as well as no heat transfer takes place, this is the combination of adiabatic and isothermal thermodynamic process. Here we are discussing about the isothermal process. in which temperature of the system remains constant during the energy change of system. Let’s discuss about the isothermal thermodynamic process in detail .

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