What precaution should be taken to avoid the overloading of domestic electric circuits?


A continuous and closed path of an electric current is called an electric circuit. An electric circuit consists of electric devices, a source of electricity and wires that are connected with the help of a switch. Domestic electric circuits give an idea of how power is supplied to homes using various types of switches, wires and circuit.

The precautions that should take to avoid the overloading of domestic circuits are as follows:

  • Should not connect too many appliances to a single socket.
  • Too many appliances should not be used at the same time.
  • Faulty appliances should not be connected to the circuit.
  • The fuse should be connected to the circuit in series
  • Proper earthing of the all-electric circuit in which any leakage of current in an electric appliance is transferred to the ground, and people using the appliance do not get the shock.
  • Avoid using high power rating appliances like electric iron daily.

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