What's the hardest part of space travel?

Travelling to space is one of the toughest things said by many astronauts. One of the most challenging parts of space training was learning how to use the spacesuit. Since the suit needs to be quite bulky in order to protect them from the environment of space (vacuum, radiation, micrometeoroids, extreme temperature) while doing a spacewalk, it makes body movements a bit awkward.

Following are a few hardest parts of space travel:

  •  Gravity’s drag: To fly free from gravity’s pull, one must attain a speed which is greater than 25,000 mph.
  •  Once we are out of the earth’s atmosphere, the particles travel towards us at a speed of light and also, the air present in space may cause cancer, cataracts, and Alzheimer’s.
  • Landing back on the earth would be difficult as there is no option for crashing.
  • The main danger in space comes from temperature. It can vary from being freezing (in shadow, not in the line of sight of the sun −150°C) to very hot (in line of sight of the sun +120°C).

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