Whay is Khadar more fertile than Bhangar?

Khadar is new alluvium deposited by the rivers in their flood plains which is replenished every year. Bangar is older alluvium found in the upland area above the flood plains; Bangar is older alluvium that is not renewed by the floods.

  • Bhangar soil is older alluvial soil. Large parts of the Northern Indian Plains are formed of the bhangar soil.
  • The soil presents a terrace-like feature. it is not as fertile as the khadar soil.
  • Khadar soil is new and younger deposits of the alluvium soil on the flood plains.
  • This soil is renewed every year and is comparatively more fertile than the bhangar soil.
  • The khadar is light in colour and consists of newer deposits
  • Bhangar is composed of lime nodules which are also called Kanker. It has a clayey composition.

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