When Heated Ammonium Carbamate Decomposes As Follows: NH4COONH2(S)=2nh3(G)+Co2(G). At A Certain Temperature Starting With Reactant Only, The Equilibrium Pressure Of The System Is 0.3 Atm. Kp For The Reaction Is:

Given chemical equation is:

NH4COONH2(s) →2NH3(g) + CO2(g).

2p p = 3p 3p = 0.3 p = 0.1atm.

[latex]K_{p} = [NH_{3}]^{2}[CO_{2}]\\\Rightarrow K_{p} = [2 * 0.1]^{2}[0.1]\\\Rightarrow K_{p} = [0.2]^{2}[0.1]\\\Rightarrow K_{p} = 0.04 * 0.1\\\Rightarrow K_{p} = 0.004[/latex]

Therefore, the Kp for the reaction is 0.004.

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