Which Hormone is Known as the Emergency Hormone And Why?

Adrenaline hormone is known as the Emergency hormone.

Adrenaline hormone is secreted during the time of stress or emergency by the adrenal medulla and is hence often referred to as the emergency hormone. When there is an emergency, adrenaline is secreted in the blood. This secretion begins reacting to a particular target organ such as the lungs, heart, blood pressure, metabolism, and such activities. Upon the release of adrenaline, the heart starts to beat rapidly thereby supplying a rush of oxygen to the muscles. This rush on supplying of oxygen to muscles has an impact on the lungs which leads to fast rapid contractions of the diaphragm and the rib muscles. The flow of blood into the skin and digestive system reduces. As a result of the contraction. The arteries related to these muscles tend to an increased flow of blood to the skeletal system.

As all these activities happen during stressful situations Adrenaline hormone is known as the Emergency hormone.

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