Which is not a tool of tracing evolutionary relationships?


Evolutionary relationships can be easily traced with the help of tools like time dating, excavating and information about DNA sequences. Historical details of organisms are not helpful in tracing their evolutionary relationships.

Tracing Evolutionary Relationships

Characteristics help us in tracing the evolutionary history of species. We can use evolutionary relationships to figure out who we are related to and who our common ancestor is. A group of entities is similar enough to be thought of together by certain characteristics.

  • Mammals and reptiles. They all have four limbs. The basic structure of their organs is more or less the same, although they use it for different purposes. Homologous organs are the name given to these organs. This does not imply that they have a common ancestor.
  • Wings of birds and bats. Both of these animals make use of wings for the same purpose, however, their basic structures are different.

As a result, analogous and homologous characteristics assist in the tracking of evolutionary relationships between organisms.

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