Which metals is the best conductors of electricity (1) Nickel (2) Silver (3) Gold (4) Sodium

Answer: (2)

The metals are said to be good conductors of electricity if they allow electricity to flow through them easily. An electrical conductor allows the electric charges to easily flow through them. The property of conductors to “conduct” electricity is called conductivity. Such materials offer less opposition to the flow of charges.

Examples: Copper, aluminium, silver, gold, graphite, platinum.

The below tables gives the list of conductivity order of the metals as well as alloys.

1 Silver
2 Copper
3 Gold
4 Aluminum
5 Zinc
6 Nickel
7 Brass
8 Bronze
9 Iron 
10 Platinum
11 Carbon steel
12 Lead
13 Stainless steel

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