Which xylene gives only one monobromo derivative?

Para-xylene gives only one paramonobromo derivative.


o-xylene will give two mononitro derivatives, while m-xylene will give three isomers of the mononitro derivative.
Ethylbenzene can give three mononitro derivatives.In Ortho and para-xylene, electron density becomes high due to the +R effect of a methyl group, whereas this is not seen in the case of meta-xylene

  • The three group members are isomers and are called Ortho-, meta-, and para-xylene (or o-, m-, and p-xylene).
  • Xylenes are used as a solvent in the manufacturing of chemicals, agricultural sprays.
  • Paraxylene is widely used as a feedstock (building block) to manufacture other industrial chemicals, notably terephthalic acid (TPA), purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and dimethyl-terephthalate (DMT).



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