Write down the names of compounds represented by the following formulae: (i) Al2(SO4)3(ii) CaCl2 (iii) K2SO4 (iv) KNO3 (v) CaCO3

(i) Al2(SO4)3

Aluminium sulphate: Aluminium sulfate is an industrial chemical used as a flocculating agent in the purification of drinking water

(ii) CaCl2

Calcium chloride: Calcium chloride is widely used as an additive in plastics, wastewater treatment plants

(iii) K2SO4

Potassium sulphate: Potassium sulfate is the preferred fertilizer for specific kinds of crops

(iv) KNO3

Potassium nitrate: It is a strong oxidizer used especially in making gunpowder, as a fertilizer, and in medicine.

(v) CaCO3

Calcium carbonate: It is a medication used to prevent or treat low blood calcium levels and also an antacid

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