Write the advantages and disadvantages of science?


Science is the intellectual and practical activity comprised of the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of every natural and physical object and phenomena through observation and experiment. In simple terms, Science is knowledge of nature. Science can be defined as the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena.

Advantages of Science

  1. Through science and technology, life has become simple and relaxed.
  2. Travelling has become simple and quick.
  3. Communication is easy, fast, and cheaper.
  4. With the rise of technology, living standards have improved.
  5. Through using numerous new technologies, mankind has become advanced.
  6. Impossible is become possible due to the growth of science and technology. Complicated tasks and work due to science and technology have become simple and convenient for human.
  7. Life is simple and secure because of science.

Limitations of Science

  1. The invention was misused and used for harmful purposes by humans.
  2. By using science humans do illegal activities.
  3. New technology, such as cell phones, I-pods, etc have a bad effect on children.
  4. For their violent mission, terrorists use advanced technology.
  5. Many dangerous diseases such as skin disease etc are developed due to the production of atomic power and atom bomb.
  6. The vibration of the cell phone triggers heart failure and brain disease.
  7. In addition to influencing man, industrial technology has also influenced plants and creatures because of nuclear energy.
  8. Natural beauty is disappearing due to the advancement of industrial technology.

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