In the next six questions there is no negative marking. The best answer carries one mark while other answer choices carry less than one mark.

Q78. Mukherjee is a fresh graduate from IIM and full of ideas. During a meeting, he tries to give a thorough albeit a bit lengthy analysis of the topic under discussion. His boss chides him saying that such ideas are suitable for class room and never work in real life. Mukherjee is crestfallen. Mukherjee's boss

  1. (a)  Was right in pulling him up for propounding ideas resembling academic analysis

  2. (b) Should have gently explained the ways of adapting theoretical knowledge to practical contexts

  3. (c) Was right for chiding a subordinate for intellectual arrogance

  4. (d) Was justified in controlling Mukherjee for meetings would otherwise be hijacked by talkative persons


The correct option is B

(b) Should have gently explained the ways of adapting theoretical knowledge to practical contexts

Detailed analysis of a problem or situation often takes academic flavour and may appear lengthy. However, mere length or academic appearance does not make analysis useless

Mukherjee's boss should appreciate this.

Answer choice (a) is incorrect because ideas should be evaluated for what they are worth. Whether they resemble academic analysis is not important.

Answer choice (b) is correct because officers have to adapt knowledge to practice. Mukherjee should have been guided in that direction—after all he is a fresh recruit.

Answer choice (c) is wrong because, there is no suggestion in the statement of the problem that Mukherjee was arrogant.

Answer choice (d) is partially correct in that a meeting should be concluded timely. Mukherjee's boss cannot be faulted for asking Mukherjee to be brief. But brusque pulling him up and telling that academic ideas are divorced from practice is not a correct step.

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