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What are the sources of environmental pollution in your area? Discuss with respect to-
(a) air
(b) water
(c) soil
What are the steps being taken to reduce the pollution? Can you suggest some other measures?

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I live in an industrial area of Delhi and these are the sources of pollution in the area-
a) Air pollution- Smoke comes out from the chimneys of the factories. Foul smell comes from open drains, heaps of rubbish and dirt lying here and there. Smoke of petrol and diesel vehicles is also polluting the air.
b) Water pollution- Water is polluted by chemical fertilizers used by the farmers. Water is also polluted by the effluents thrown or discharged into the rivers.
c) Soil pollution- Dirt and human waste, as well as wastes thrown by different factories in different fields or farms on open ground, pollute the soil.

Odd and even rule was recently applied and cars with even number were allowed on the road on the even day and the odd cars on the odd day. This has helped reduce air pollution. With the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, the government is providing better sanitation standards and making India clean. People are urged to keep the roads and rivers clean. There are also major projects going on to clean the rivers like Ganga and Yamuna.
Some measures can be suggested to improvise these efforts taken by the government-
  • There should be strict punishments or fines for those who make the streets and water dirty. Public classes should be organized to make people aware of these laws and the ways by which we can keep our environment clean.
  • Companies and contractors who are responsible to violate environmentally should be given a strict warning.

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