What is a black hole and how it is formed and can we live on mars

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A black hole is the remnant of the core of a star, multiple stars or core of a galaxy that has collapsed due to its gravity into a region of space which permits no escape of light that falls inside it.

When you through a stone up it falls down after reaching a certain height, this happens because of the stone not being able to escape earth’s gravitational field. But if you throw the same stone with a speed in excess of 11.2 km per second then the stone would never fall back to the earth. 11.2 km/s is the escape velocity of earth. Now this escape velocity on the surface of a black hole becomes equal to the speed of light, this does not let even light escape its surface.

Black hole is formed when massive stars having masses 1.5 to 3 times that of sun, dies. The death results in a supernova explosion and after the explosion the core is compressed and becomes so dense that it attains an escape velocity of that of light. This is how a black hole is formed.
It's very complicated to understand.

It a still a issue of Research for Scientists. So , one can not say that weather Humans can live on Mars or Not.

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