Why did Guruji stay at Bhai Lalo's house instead of Malik Bhago's house?
  1. Malik Bhago was rude to Guruji.
  2. Malik Bhago made his living by cheating people.
  3. Bhai Lalo offered to fund Guruji's Udasis.
  4. Bhai Lalo's house was fancier.


The correct option is B Malik Bhago made his living by cheating people.
While Malik Bhago, the town chief lived in a big house and offered a huge welcome feast for Guruji, the latter did not accept his invitation. Instead, he chose to stay at Bhai Lalo, a poor carpenter's house because Malik Bhago's earned his living by cheating and draining the poor, whereas Bhai Lalo earned money through hard and honest work.

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