A fuse wire is inserted in a? (1) live wire (2) in the neutral wire (3) in the earth wire (4) may be connected in any line.

Answer: (1) Live wire

What is fuse wire?

A fuse wire is a safety wire connected in series with the live wire, in case of any large current supply or malfunctioning in the electric connections it melts and breaks the electric circuit.  If a high current flows through the circuit, it melts and breaks when the temperature gets higher than its melting point. A fuse wire is made of an alloy of lead and tin. If the current in a circuit exceeds the current rating of the fuse wire it melts. The higher the current rating, the thicker is the fuse wire.

Live wire

The live wire carries the current to the appliance. The live wire is also called hot wire. Live wire is brown or red in colour. This is the wire through which the current enters an appliance. In live wire, fuse wire is inserted since it is a safety device used to secure electrical equipment against short-circuit as well as overloading. The current flows mostly in live wire, and the fuse connected in live wire splits and the circuit opens and thus protects electrical equipment when current reaches its normal limit.

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