A godown measures 40 m×25m×15 m. Find the maximum number of wooden crates each measuring 1.5m×1.25 m×0.5 m that can be stored in the godown.


Length of the godown, l = 40 m

The breadth of the godown,b= 25m

Height of godown, h = 15 m

 Length of the wooden crate = 1.5 m

Breadth of the wooden crate = 1.25 m

Height of the wooden crate = 0.5 m

Find out

We have to find the maximum number of wooden crates that can be stored in the godown.


Since godown and wooden crate are in cuboidal shape.

We know that Formula for volume of cuboid = l×b×h

Find the volume by, V = l×b×h.

Volume of godown = (40×25×15) m³ = 15000 m³

Volume of a wooden crate = (1.5×1.25×0.5) m³ = 0.9375 m³

Let us assume that, wooden crates can be stored in the godown=n

The volume of n wooden crates = Volume of godown

0.9375 × n =15000

 n= 15000/0.9375

n = 16000


Thus, the number of wooden crates that can be stored in the godown is 16,000

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