A square shape of the park of area 23,104 sq. m is to be enclosed with wire placed at heights 1, 2, 3, 4 m above the ground. Find the required length of the wire, if its length required for each circuit is 10% greater than the perimeter of the field.

Perimeter =4 * side

\(\text { Area of square park }=a^{2}=23104 \Rightarrow a=152 m\\ Perimeter =4 \times 152 \mathrm{~m}\\ \text { Length of each circle }=4 \times 152 \times \frac{110}{100} \\ \text { The wire goes arround 4 times, so total length of the wire required }\\ =4 \times 152 \times \frac{110}{100} \times 4 \\ =2675.2 m\)

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