At an individual level, how can you help reduce air pollution?

Air pollution should be checked at individual level in the following ways :

  • We can use public transportation and encourage carpooling so that air pollution can be reduced.
  • Instead of going by cars and scooters for short distances, we can go walking or by bicycle.
  • By saying no to crackers we can minimise air pollution as well as noise pollution.
  • We can plant trees as they reduce air pollution.
  • By disposing of garbage properly and not burning it. As burning of garbage releases greenhouse gases which are responsible for global warming.
  • By taking care that dry leaves are dispose-off properly. As they tend to burn on their own which pollutes the air.
  • By using cleaner fuels like CNG and LPG instead of petrol and diesel.
  • By controlling the emissions of vehicles and household chimneys

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