Balance the following equation by oxidation number method. PbS + H2O2 → PbSO4 + H2O

Given chemical equation is:
PbS + H2O2 → PbSO4 + H2O
Let us write the oxidation numbers of all the atoms.
+2-2  +1 -1   +2+6-2  +1-2
PbS + H2O2 → PbSO4 + H2O
The oxidation number of S increased, whereas for O it is decreased.
PbS-2 → PbSO_4+6
H2O2-1 → H2O-2
Thus, increase in oxidation number of S must be equal to 8 units per PbS molecule.
Decrease in oxidation number of O must be equal to 1 units per half of H2O2 molecule, i.e. 2 units per one H2O2 molecule.
Hence, the balanced equation is:
PbS + 4H2O2 → PbSO4 + 4H2O

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