Boojho visited a forest near his town with his classmates and his teacher. As they were entering the forest, their class teacher told them not to make noise in the forest as noise could disturb the (a) birds (b) animals (c) both birds and animals (d) plants

c) Both birds and animals


Noise in forest can disturb both animals and plants. So, we should not make noise in forest.  Forest is a large geographical area dominated by trees, animals of various species, aquatic biomes and microorganisms.

  • Forests play an essential role in the existence of life on earth.
  • 80% of the world’s animal species depend on the forests for their homes
  • Forests are the lungs of our planet. It plays a crucial role in improving air quality.
  • Forests are storehouses of biodiversity. As per the estimations, there are around three trillion trees globally.
  • Forests are the treasures of medicines. There are 5000 years old plants and about 60% of the medicines are originated from the rainforest.

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