By which phenomenon does the water rise from roots to leaves of plants?

Water rises from roots to leaves of plants by the phenomenon capillary action.

Capillary action by the xylem tissue

Xylem is a conducting tissue in plants, which helps in the translocation of water and minerals. These are absorbed from the soil by the roots of the plants, to transport to various parts of the plant such as stems, leaves and flowers.

Mechanism of xylem tissue

The mechanism of xylem tissue is described below

  • Xylem transports in one direction. It transports water only in an upward direction.
  • Transpiration pull is required in the transportation.
  • Xylem tissues are narrower in its diameter, in the form of capillary tubes (tracheids and fibres), greater will be the force.
  • Whenever the xylem vessels lay empty, such as during the loss of water by transpiration, the water from below rises into them by a capillary force.

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