Describe Distance And Displacement?

In Physics, we have to be able to describe the motion (or in simple words, movement) of the objects where object might be as small as an ant or as big as an Plane. One of the important way to describe the motion is “how far the object moved?”. This parameter can be described by either of these two –
Distance Displacement So, what is distance and what is displacement?
Distance is the length of the path covered in the of motion of a object while Displacement is the length of the straight line between the initial position of the object before movement (or motion) and final position of the object after movement with the direction.
Simple Definition :Distance – Distance is the total length of path traversed by the moving body without worrying about direction.
Displacement – Displacement is the line segment with direction between initial and final position of a moving body. So, distance is a scalar (only magnitude but no direction), on the other hand, displacement is vector (magnitude with direction). So, displacement has a direction but which direction? Easy.. direction will be mentioned with the answer.

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