Differentiate between natural and human resources.


Natural resources are part of the organic world, while human resources are man-made. Human resources refer to people’s abilities, talents, and jobs. The difference between human resource and natural resources are tabulated below.

Human resource Natural resource
Human resources refers to individuals and people who are capable and educated to do the work. Natural resources are those that come from the nature, such as water, sunlight, oil, minerals,  plants and their extracts, and so on.
Human resources were produced or affected by humans. Natural resources were created by nature, not by humans
Human resources correspond to a population’s talent or highly qualified labour, such as the number of doctors, carpenters,welders or engineers, or welders, and so on. Animals, minerals, crops, fresh water, rain, sunlight, oil, lumber, creeks and rivers, and any other naturally occurring objects found on the land are referred to as natural resources.

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