How does a fish in an aquarium absorbs oxygen?


Fish respire through gills.

Respiration in Fish

  • Fish use their gills to help them breathe. The majority of fish have gills on both sides of their heads.
  • Gills are tissues made up of gill filaments, which are feathery structures that provide a wide surface area for gas exchange.
  • Since water contains very little dissolved oxygen, a wide surface area is essential for gas exchange in aquatic species.
  • The filaments in fish gills are organized in rows in the gill arch. Each filament comprises lamellae, which are discs supplied with capillaries.
  • Blood moves in and out of the gills through these small blood vessels.
  • Though gills in fish occupy only a small section of their body, the extensive respiratory surface produced by the filaments renders the whole organism with efficient gas exchange.

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