The IUPAC name of CH2=CHCHOH-CH2CHO is_______________

The IUPAC name of CH2=CHCHOH-CH2CHO is 3-Hydroxy-pent-4-ene-1-al. Every organic compound has to follow the IUPAC nomenclature of organic compounds.

IUPAC nomenclature rules

  • The longest hydrocarbon chain is selected and is termed as the parent chain in the case of alkanes.
  • For alkanes suffix ‘-ane’ is used, for alkenes, suffix ‘-ene’ is used and suffix ‘yne’ is used for alkynes.
  • The parent chain is numbered such that we reach the double-bonded or triple bonded carbon atom earliest.
  • The position of the carbon atom with the double bond is mentioned in numerals.
  • In the case of multiple double bonds in the carbon chain, Greek numerical prefixes such as di, tri are used to denote their number.


  • The longest chain is with 5 carbon atoms.
  • It is an alkene so the suffix used is ‘ene’ and the double bond is at 4th position.
  • Hydroxyl group is present at third carbon and also the aldehyde group is present.
  • Hence the name of the given compound is  3-Hydroxy-pent-4-ene-1-al.

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