What are microorganisms?


Microorganisms are minute organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. Microorganisms are so tiny that only a microscope can see them. Bacteria, viruses, fungus, algae, protozoa, and other creatures fall into this category. In many aspects, these bacteria can be both beneficial and dangerous.

Only a few bacteria can endure severe temperatures, such as those found in boiling water or ice. Some microbes live in isolation, while others live in colonies.

Types and uses Of Microorganisms

The following are the uses of different types of microorganisms.

Type of Microbe Use
Bacteria Bacteria bring about fermentation that helps to make different dairy products such as curd, cheese, butter, cottage cheese. A genus of Streptococcus helps in achieving this.
Algae It can be used to make vegetable oil, as an energy source, to create biofuel and is a good food supplement
Fungi Widespread use of fungi, yeast in alcohol production. Rhizopus, Acetobacter, Penicillium are few fungi that are used to produce organic acids
Virus It is used in pest control reagents, gene therapy, agriculture, in the medical field.
Protozoa They bring about the fertility of the soil and are also used in wastewater management.

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