What are the 3 types of thermodynamic systems?

A thermodynamic system can be defined as a part of the universe upon which certain observations are made. The surroundings of a thermodynamic system are the rest of the universe (everything except the system). Therefore, the relationship between a thermodynamic system, its surroundings, and the universe can be expressed as follows:

Universe = System + Surroundings

Types of Thermodynamics

A thermodynamic system can be classified as an open system, a closed system, or as an isolated system depending on its properties.  The term surrounding refers to something outside the system that has a direct impact on the system’s behaviour. The three types of thermodynamics are

Open system

If the system features the exchange of both energy and matter with its surroundings, it can be called an open system.

Closed system

If the system can only exchange energy with its surroundings and cannot exchange matter with it is known as closed system.

Isolated system

An isolated system is a thermodynamic system that cannot exchange energy or matter with its surroundings.

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