Types of Polarisation

Polarization is a concept that comes under the branch of electromagnetic radiations. There are also different types of polarisation. Let us know more about this.

What is polarization?

Polarization is defined as the property of electromagnetic radiations where the relationship between the direction and magnitude of the vibrating electric field is explained.

Types of polarization

Given below is the list of polarization that occurs in nature:

  • Dielectric polarization: This type of polarization occurs when a dipole moment is formed in an insulating material as an external electric field is applied there is a change in the behaviour which is known as dielectric polarization.
  • Ionic polarization: When elements like NaCl and KCl contribute to the relative permittivity, ionic polarization occurs. In this polarization, the net electric field is zero.
  • Orientational polarization: This occurs due to the permanent dipole moment in a material. It occurs in elements such as HCl and H2O.

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