What do we mean by protoplast?

Protoplast is defined as the plasmalemma which is present in every cellulosic cell wall of the plant cell.  Protoplasts are the isolated cells whose cell wall is removed and are bounded by plasmalemma. Protoplasts can be the cells of plants, fungi or bacteria. These are also called as ‘naked’ cells.

More about Protoplast

Protoplasts are spherical naked plant cells produced by the removal of the cell wall with digestive enzymes.

  • They are usually acquired from either leaf tissue or from cell suspension cultures and have been isolated from a wide variety of plant species.
  • Protoplasts can be isolated from a range of plant tissues: leaves, stems, roots, flowers, anthers and even pollen.
  • The isolation and culture media used vary with the species and with the tissue from which the protoplasts were isolated.
  • Protoplasts are used in a number of ways for research and for plant improvement.

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