What is the newer deposits of alluvial soil called?


Khadar is the newer deposits of alluvial soil.

Alluvial soils are generally associated with river floodplains, but alluvial soils are difficult to define satisfactorily because they may be developed on fluvial, lacustrine or marine deposits.  Locally the alluvial soils are of two kinds depending on old and new. Bhangar and Khadar are the two kinds of the alluvial soil.

The Khadar

  • The new plains formed due to alluvial deposit along the course of the river.
  • Enriched and formed by fresh deposits of silt every year.
  • The Khadar land silt comprises silt, mud, clay, and sand.
  • The Khadar lands are suitable for the cultivation of sugarcane, rice, wheat, maize and oilseeds.

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