Which mixture is given by Dodecane in presence of platinum?


Dodecane in presence of platinum gives a mixture of Heptane and Pentane.


Pyrolysis is known as the heat-induced fragmentation of a compound in the absence of air. It’s not the same as burning. It occurs when there is no air present, and therefore no oxidation of compounds occurs. Cracking is another term for the pyrolysis of alkanes.

Alkanes are cracked using a free radical mechanism. In the petroleum industry, it is very significant. Cracking converts higher alkane molecules into lower alkane molecules.

Example of pyrolysis

When dodecane, a component of kerosene oil, is heated to 973K under the catalytic action of platinum, palladium, or nickel, it produces a mixture of heptane and pentane as pyrolysis products.


\(\begin{array}{l} \require{AMScd} \begin{CD} @>pt/pd/ni>> \end{CD} \end{array} \)
C7H16   +  C5H10 +  other products

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