A solution of CuSO4 was kept in an iron pot. After a few days, the iron pot was found to have a number of holes in it. Explain the reason in terms of reactivity. Write the equation of the reaction involved.


Since iron is more reactive than copper, it displaces copper, resulting in FeSO4. A portion of the iron is dissolved during this process, resulting in holes in the pot.

Fe + CuSO4 → FeSO4 + Cu

In this reaction following two processes take place:

  • Cu²⁺ + 2e = Cu⁰ (re­duc­tion process, Cu²⁺ is the ox­i­dizing agent)
  • Fe⁰ – 2e = Fe²⁺ (ox­i­da­tion process, Fe⁰ is the re­duc­ing agent)

The reaction can be a double displacement reaction as well as a redox reaction (oxidation and reduction both take place simultaneously).

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