Explain the concept of e-groups

  • Among Maya settlements, unique architectural complexes are found. These are known as as E-Groups.
  • The Maya civilization was a Mesoamerican civilization developed by the Maya peoples.
  • E-Groups are named after “Group E” at the Classic period site of Uaxactun.
  • Mesoamerican archaeologists were the first ones to document it.
  • Uaxactun is located in the Petén Basin region of the Maya lowlands, in the present-day department of Petén, Guatemala. Uaxactun is an ancient sacred place of the Maya civilization.
  • At Uaxactun, the Group E complex consists of a long terraced platform with three supra-structures arranged along a linear axis oriented north-south.
  • At the site of Seibal, the oldest documented E-Group can be found.

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