Name the east flowing and the west flowing rivers of the peninsular plateau.

Rivers have been of fundamental importance throughout human history. Water from rivers is a basic natural resource, essential for various human activities. Therefore, riverbanks have attracted settlers from ancient times. Using rivers for irrigation, navigation and hydropower generation is of special significance — particularly to a country like India, where agriculture is the major source of livelihood of the majority of its population.

West flowing rivers:

  • There are only 2 long West flowing rivers – Narmada and Tapi.
  • They flow into the Arabian Sea
  • They have a lesser number of tributaries
  • Form estuaries
  • Carry lesser sediments.
  • East flowing rivers:

East flowing rivers:

  • Many major rivers Mahanadi, Cauvery, Godavari, Krishna
  • They flow into the Bay of Bengal
  • Have many tributaries
  • Forms Deltas
  • Carry larger sediments than West flowing rivers.

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