What are the objectives of Environment Protection Act, 1986?

Environment Protection Act

The Environment Protection Act was enforced in the year 1986 with the aim to protect and improve the environment and matters associated with it. The Environmental Laws (Amendment) Bill is a draft of the proposed amendment in Environment protection Act 1986 and the National Green Tribunal Act of 2010. The amendments are done with an objective of providing for an effective deterrent penal provisions and introducing the concept of a monetary penalty for violations and contraventions.

Objectives of this Environment Protection Act

  • To protect and improve the environment and environmental conditions.
  • To implement the decisions made at the UN Conference on Human Environment that was held in Stockholm in the year 1972.
  • To take strict actions against all those who harm the environment.
  • To enforce laws on environment protection in the areas that are not included by the existing laws.
  • To give all the powers to the Central Government to take strict measures in favour of environmental protection.

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