Why is the use of iodized salt advisable?

Iodine is needed by the thyroid gland for the production of the thyroxine hormone. This hormone regulates fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism in our body. If the quantity of iodine in food is lesser than required, then the neck will swell up due to the enlargement of the thyroid gland. This deficiency disease is known as goitre. Therefore, iodized salt is advised.

Importance of Iodine

  • Iodine is a trace mineral commonly found in seafood, dairy products, grains and eggs.
  • An iodine deficiency can cause a long list of symptoms that range from mildly uncomfortable, too severe, to even dangerous.
  • This causes the cells in your thyroid to rapidly multiply and grow, resulting in a goitre. A decrease in thyroid hormones can also lead to other adverse effects, such as hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, dry skin and increased sensitivity to cold.
  • Studies show iodized salt is safe to consume with minimal risk of side effects.

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